About Us

Hello, We're Deva & Lisa

Together, we transcend the notion that the whole is merely the sum of its parts. We are an amalgamation of diverse elements woven with intention and purpose. We embody the harmonious convergence of energies that define us.

Lisa is a vibrant force of feminine energy radiating strength, grace, committed to nurturing and healing. Her spirit embodies the Earth's, offering solace and support to those seeking balance and restoration.

Deva emanates a potent essence of masculinity, embodying wisdom, discernment, and a deep connection to the cosmic forces shaping our existence. Deva leads seekers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

Our partnership thrives on the symbiotic relationship between the somatic and wisdom approaches, fostering a holistic experience. The somatic aspect grounds us in the physical realm, inviting exploration of movement, dance, and expression.

Simultaneously, the wisdom approach complements our physical expression, creating space for introspection and witnessing the dance. It urges individuals to delve into their inner realms and contemplate the mysteries of life's ebb and flow. Through the interplay of yin and yang, we navigate the vast spectrum of human experience.

Join us on a journey, where the layers of our individual path intertwine. As you witness the profound synergy that arises from our union, you'll discover pathways towards balance, self-discovery, and the harmonious integration of the feminine and masculine energies within us all.